Prezentace Červenobílých na konferenci patriotů (ENG)

Přidal: | publikováno: 5. 12. 2013

Naše delegace se nedávno zúčastnila polského Dne nezávislosti, o němž jsme vám již podali obsáhlou reportáž. Během návštěvy Varšavy jsme rovněž vystoupili na konferenci patriotů z jedenácti zemí Evropy. Prezentaci našeho hnutí nyní předkládáme v anglickém jazyce.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

I am a representative of student movement called Red White ones from The Czech Republic. Redwhites patriotic student movement was founded on the 28th September 2010 to the commemoration of the anniversary of Czech St. Wenceslav. We are cultural and patriotic movement, currently unregistered at legal authorities. We are casual social group.


Redwhites have no political ambitions, but we have metapolitical attitude towards family, culture and fatherland. Plural environment in our organization is reflecting diversity of political views of our members and supporters. Among our members, we can meet with different political views. From point of view of religion, one can meet the Christians of different confessions, proponents of pagan cults, and religion containing Traditional element, as well as with agnostics and atheists.

Redwhites don’t offer classical membership, but a position of being redactor instead. Redactors ensure updating of our website, they are organizing discussions, lectures and theatre and film evenings. Furthermore, they can meet with theirs stable supporters who regularly attend our events. People can also support us by financial donation.

Redwhites movement has a manifest called Patriopluralism, which defines itself against values or rather characteristic of contemporary postmodern society – consuming lifestyle, atomization of society, mass media and the creation of virtual reality and realize one way form of communication, masculinization of women and the feminization of men, postheroism and so on.

Essential elements that Redwhites put in an opposition against postmodern tendencies are presented in the triad family, culture and fatherland FCF. This trio combines three principles – biological one (reproductive function of family), spiritual one (culture) and the responsibility towards the common destiny. Promotion of this principles is important with regard to the survival of Caucasian people of Europe.

Patriopluralism – Brief Introduction

Patriopluralism is a neologism arising from a need of a social reality related to the state of patriotic and traditionalistic groups not only in the Czech Republic, and to relationships between them. From an etymological point of view, this neologism is composed of two originally Latin words; patria (fatherland, home), and pluralis (multiplicity, plural).

This word has emerged from a Latin watchword “Opinio multiplex patria una“, which loosely translated means “Plurality of opinions, of one fatherland”. Patriopluralism is unambiguously term arising from the life of a student group Červenobílí (“Red-white ones”).

Three values exist on which Patriopluralism is based: family, culture, and fatherland (FCF). Patriopluralism in its practical application recognizes a plurality of views (political, social, cultural etc. ones) but secures and defends the aforementioned values. In a case of violation of those principles, one cannot speak about Patriopluralism, and self-exclusion from the range of the meaning occurs. We are confident that the triad FCF, although it can have more interpretations, is in its basis common to all patriotic groups.

Patriopluralism in its philosophy is out of the heterogeneity of superficial stances and values of the society which consequently bring in entirely artificial and unsuitable atomization of society, out of witch profit particularly global financial groups. The concept entails understanding of futility and counter-productiveness both of a so-called postmodern diversity of opinions (against which this concept does not stand, due to the overload and the qualitative unimportance) and of a moral relativism (against which this concept does stand, in clear antiposition).

So the praxis of Patriopluralism should be an elimination of animosities among these patriotic groups which strive for the same goal—return to the true values which can be secured only by the consensual centre of the FCF. Patriopluralism should be a practical tool for an elimination of consequences of the past, and for a prophylaxis of the present and the near future. We are convinced that the discrepancies among the patriotic groups residue in three causes from which each one cannot be a subject of the impact of Patriopluralism. 1. marginalization of patriotic groups which attract with theirs “exclusiveness” pathological individuals who prevent effective cooperation, 2. personal ambitions displaying a false belief “of the one and only right path which only I know”, 3. insignificant ideological discrepancies which do not stand against the triad FCF.

One of the aims of Redwhites is to have social impact on the young generation throw indirect education which should contribute to partial preventation of sociopathological activities of young people like alcoholism, drug use and criminality with the particular tendencies to the violent political movements.


Redwhites not only offer to the students an opportunity to spend their free time creatively and inmeaningful way, but also offer to all who wants to be informed about various disciplines.

Educational activities in free time focused mainly on lectures and discussion evenings, where one can get acquainted with selected scientific disciplines. Our lectors came from academical grounds.

We have organized lectures and discussions about: Carl Schmitt and his thinking of law, German conservative revolution, darwinism and eugenics, lies of official masmedia, modern economical theories, computer security, Russian martial arts Systema, Julius Evola and cultural pesimism, Genealogy, history, subcultures of young people, European architecture, the issue of christianity and totalitarian political systems of the 20th century, political psychology, transpersonal psychology, Islamism its myths and facts, Czechoslovak national democratic party, about the differences between universalism and nominalism, the issue of Serbian Kosovo, Syrian conflict, freedom and its concept in Roman Catholicism and more.

We have very good and friendly relationships with our friends from the Serbian radical party. Some of our redactors are involved in activities with aim of humanitarian help to the Serbian people  so called state of Kosovo. They have visited Kosovo several times. This issue will be also in the future one of our interests.

By the name of our movement I would like to wish every patriotic organization and especially to the Polish hosts a lot of strength in struggle with the enemy, who is manifested by phenomenas of globalization, unification of national states, egalitarianism and subjective pseudospiritualism. Once again – I want to thank for the invitation.